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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Savitryi tantra massage.

If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below .


How and when can I register for a massage/therapy?

We are here for you every day, including weekends and holidays. You can register for a massage/therapy through the contact form or by using the number +421 904 023 256. Even though we work every day, it is necessary to register beforehand. Ideally, you will arrange for a date at least one day in advance. When ordering, please state your first name, type of massage/therapy, and the day and hour of your preference.


Do you have showering facilities?

Yes, we do, and you are welcome to use them, as well as the shower gels, shampoo, towels and hairdryer.


Is it necessary to prepare before the massage/therapy?

It is not necessary to prepare in any special way for the massage/therapy. Everything you will need will be available. Before and after the massage you are free to use the shower facilities. I recommend not eating a heavy meal before the massage. In addition, if you are ill, have a temperature, an open or festering wound, I do not recommend the message. Before every massage/therapy I will have a talk with you, so that you and I can feel comfortable.


Is the initial conversation counted into the length of the massage/therapy?
No. The time reserved for the initial conversation, shower before or after the massage are not counted into the length of the massage/therapy. The advertised length is the actual time reserved for the massage or therapy.


Is it possible to pay by card?

No, you can only pay by cash.


How many times is it necessary to go for a massage/therapy, before I can notice any changes?

This is very individual. You will begin to notice the first changes during/after the massage or therapy. In the next couple of days, you will continue to feel the effects of the massage/therapy. You can come for your next therapy or massage when you will feel the need. We can agree on a date after the session has ended or you can write/call me later.

Is a tantric massage an erotic massage?

No, it is not. Tantra massage is a full-body treatment on multiple levels, which is performed in the meditation of the masseur/masseuse.

Are the masseurs/masseuses naked during the massage?

During the tantric massage, the masseurs/masseuses take care of you whilst naked, if you agreed to this before the massage. This does not apply to other relaxational and sensual massages, when the masseur/masseuses are clothed.

Do you provide mutual massages?

No, we do not provide mutual massages. We are professionals, a specialized workplace, Tantra temple, where we respect our clients and ourselves. We will teach you the tantra massage with love, so that you can use it in your personal life for the beauty and fulfilment of your intimate relationships.


Can I touch the masseur/masseuse?

The breasts, intimate parts and bottom are not accessible to clients. You can touch the arms and lower limbs. The masseur/masseuse takes care of you with great attention, trust and affection, please, do not cross these boundaries.


Can I have sex with the masseur/masseuse? Is there sexual intercourse during the course of the massage?

No, sex or sexual practices in whatever form are not allowed. If you seek sex, oral sex or similar activities, please visit a different place.

Can I ejaculate during the massage?

Yes, at the end of the massage, it is allowed to ejaculate in the hands of the tantric priestess. Other forms of ejaculation are not allowed. If you wish to ejaculate multiple times, you will pay additionally for each ejaculation.


Can I ejaculate on the breasts/face of the masseur/masseuse?

No. We do not provide these forms of erotic and sexual services.


If I ejaculate during the massage, is it possible to continue with the massage?

Yes, the massage can continue. We respect the needs of our clients and care about their wishes, whether you want to continue with the massage or end it.


Which parts of the body does the masseur/masseuse use to massage?

The masseur/masseuses will touch you and embrace you with their palms, arms, legs, breasts and bottoms. The greater the mutual trust and feeling of safety is created between you and the masseur/masseuse (that means, you will respect the prohibition to touch the breasts, intimate area and bottom of the masseur/masseuse), the more beautiful is the experience and deeper is the relaxation that you will enjoy.


Before the prostate massage, is any special preparation needed?

No, there is not. We perform the massage in latex gloves whilst using quality plant-based bio oil. Before the massage you will take a regular shower.


How to choose the right tantra masseur/masseuse?

Try to rely on your feelings. Based on the website itself you should already get the feeling, that we provide a professional and educated masseur/masseuse; they are clothed on the photos and you can see their faces, you have the option to see the area they work in, you can attend a casual, non-binding meeting, in order to get more information about tantra and whatever interests you about the massage. Notice the behaviour and presentation of the masseur/masseuse and finally, that the masseur/masseuse considers tantra to be a lifestyle; that it doesn’t end with the massage; they transfer the gained knowledge and practice to everyday life and fully live by what they say. A professional tantra masseur/masseuse knows the value of their job and avoids discount sites. Also, it is not possible to perform a professional whole-body tantra massage in 30 minutes.

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