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Intimate therapy of Savitry

tantric sexual therapy and psychotherapy

Intimate therapy of Savitry

tantric sexual therapy and psychotherapy


Savitryi therapies are long-term deep healing processes.

For your part, it is necessary to have the determination, motivation and stamina to undergo these therapies. You will get the best from us. We are the only ones in Slovakia who provide tantric therapies. We work together to heal your being's physical, emotional, mental and sexual levels.


How will therapy help you in your life?


  • You will get rid of your beams and blocks

  • you will understand what a man needs in sex and a relationship and what a woman needs

  • you will understand your feelings and desires

  • you will sensitize your body and experience orgasms

  • as a man you will strengthen your stamina in love

  • you will begin to communicate your needs openly and set healthy boundaries

  • you build a healthy self-confidence

  • you will learn to maintain mutual sexual attraction in a relationship

  • your life will become happier overall


These massage programs will increase your level of vital energy in the long term, and the team will naturally and healthily increase your joy and zest for life.

sex therapy

Sessions are dedicated to healing and restoring the cornerstones of your energy body. Support your

sexual energy.


We will help you overcome even the most difficult moments of your life thanks to powerful healing and liberating techniques.

dotyková terapia

Využite pre seba

terapeutické účinky

dotyku, ktoré sú známe

už tisíce rokov.

Neobsahuje masáž



Tieto programy masáží vám dlhodobo zvýšia úroveň životnej energie, a tým sa prirozdene a zdravo zvýši vaša radosť a chuť do života.

sexuálna terapia

Stretnutia sa venujú ozdraveniu a obnoveniu základných kameňov vášho energetického tela. Podpora vašej sexuálne energie.


Pomôžeme vám prekonať aj tie najťažšie chvíle vášho života vďaka silne liečivým a oslobodzujúcim technikám.


Dear Xenyi, I would like to thank you for your therapy with which I conducted me. You are an amazing woman fully conscious and experienced. Everything you touch comes to life and nourishes. Thanks to you and the energy flowing through you, I can be the one I dared to be after your therapy today. And this is the wife and mother of a real mother of a 4-month-old daughter.  Thanks to your faith, a sleeping woman awoke in me, who could come to life when the girl underwent treatment in her. Family relationships have improved. A man who had and now is the wonderful loving husband and caring father of our daughter came to my life. Thank you very much and I can only recommend you to women who need to come to life and also to those who would like to have a baby. Your energy is healing. 

Alexandra, 27 years old

Gentle touch therapy

Take advantage of the therapeutic effects of touch, which have been known for thousands of years. 
In conjunction with the conscious use of your life energy
you will achieve the desired changes in your life.
Does not include intimate massage.


This gentle touch therapy will bring you:

  • harmonizing your energy centers of the body

  • fine tuning of your life energy

  • stimulating your zest for life

  • the complete, loving and healing presence of the therapist

  • relaxing your mind and body

  • and other options, which we will prepare CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU


How meetings are conducted:

  • During 7 meetings in a span of 5 months, we gradually address each chakra. 

  • Each session contains 60 min. massage + 30 min. consultation 

  • We will balance your energy centers (chakras) with gentle touches. You will leave calmed, satisfied, rested. You will have a lighter body, an empty mind and more joy in life. 

  • Therapeutic sessions take place in underwear and a sarong (a large scarf), without massage of intimate parts.



  • Non-binding consultation 45 min.     39 €

  • Therapeutic complex, 7 meetings over 5 months, 630 min.

  • It is paid in advance before the first meeting.

  • We look forward to serving you: Are you interested in our services, but currently unable to pay for them according to our terms and conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution together.

  • IBAN: SK25 8330 0000 0022 0119 1543
    Registration number: 2201191543/8330
    VS: the date of the first term you are applying for
    In note: your name 


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